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Internet Marketing Strategy

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Today, organizations are looking for ways to promote their products and services by using modern marketing methods. The use of the internet is growing and people are turning to search engines to find what they are looking for. Time is of the essence for many and searching for desired products and services online is a daily task for many in today’s fast paced world. Organizations need to put in place an internet marketing strategy to stay on top of this modern search engine society. Organizations are facing fierce competition online, and they must take a proactive approach to selling and Read More

Search Engine Optimization – What is SEO?

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Search Engine Optimization has become a huge part of the marketing strategy for many businesses. It has even become its own business, with several companies offering SEO as their primary service. So... what is it? If you've ever used a search engine like Google or Yahoo to search for information on a topic, a local restaurant, or another local business, you have seen the effects of search engine optimization. The goal of these search engines is to look for the most relevant information related to the keywords you typed in. Search engines change their search methods constantly to make sure Read More

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